About Us

Future In Perspective is a family-run private company based in Virginia, Co. Cavan
specialising in the creation of innovative education materials and courses. Our
mission is to make learning accessible, fun, engaging and dynamic using the best
approaches from the worlds of technology, design, research, and pedagogy.


The team of 20+ professionals have years of experience in creating cutting-edge
learning resources such as online and mobile, blended &  hybrid, gamification and challenge-based across a range of thematic areas.

In collaboration with our network of Irish and European partners, we have developed a full suite of digital resources, online training programmes, best practice case studies and in-service resources for educators in the areas of:

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Business Development

As a small business, Future In Perspective is keenly aware of the challenges facing small businesses and entrepreneurs in our region. To encourage the growth of successful and sustainable businesses locally, Future In Perspective Limited facilitates opportunities for entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and SMEs to network with each other and to engage in peer learning in online and face-to-face environments.


Through our work on collaborative projects with other companies locally, we have experience in facilitating peer education and mentoring programmes between established businesses and nascent entrepreneurs. Through these activities, our aim is to support them in making funding applications, developing business plans and offering coaching supports for new start-ups. 

Future In Perspective also has experiences of working with entrepreneurs in the environmental, tourism, digital and creative sectors. By engaging with local enterprises in the environmental sectors, we are committed to promoting social impact amongst existing enterprises in our region, supporting older workers and recent retirees to establish social enterprises to respond to the growing social needs of local and rural communities.


We raise awareness of these issues locally through the provision of targeted educational materials as well as running local events and training programmes based on the identified training needs of our local enterprises. Most recently, Future In Perspective has been working with local businesses to address gaps in their talent management processes and to encourage rural businesses to engage in sustainable circular business models.

Media Management

Future In Perspective has expertise in the area of digital media production. Through our work, we have developed a portfolio of promotional videos produced for entrepreneurs operating in the cultural and creative industries and the green economy, as well as for actors in the community and voluntary sector, particularly those engaged in local community festivals and cultural events. We have also developed a series of simulation resources and videos for educators to use in their classrooms to engage students and learners addressing issues such as responsible digital citizenship, cyberbullying and skills development.

European Projects

FIP has vast experience of developing and delivering projects funded through National and EU Programmes. Through these programmes, FIP have been a collaborative partner in more than 100 projects, which have each focused on responding to specific educational, social, economic and civic issues affecting Irish society.

The following is a list of past Erasmus+ projects that we are currently participating in.

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