"Women hack the game" is a project whose main objective is to promote the social inclusion of girls and women in the field of STEM. We are seeking to improve the professional development of teachers in STEM and the scientific and technical education of young people by awakening their interest and commitment to science. As well as generating a multiplier effect that makes them protagonists for the dissemination of the work of women scientists and researchers.

With this project we aim to:

  • increase the scientific, technological and innovative culture of schoolchildren and teachers
  • training teachers in new educational methodologies such as gamification
  • increase the dissemination of research work carried out by women scientists and researchers
  • promote the development and use of of formative games
  • developing students' curiosity as the engine of a more responsible society able of making decisions based on evidence.

The target audience for the “Women hack the game” project are secondary school teachers and students linked to STEM disciplines and science in general, and therefore included in the formal curriculum. They are ready to make decisions about their future training and future professional development, so it is very important to access them through innovative activities within the STEM area.