Tools4Teens - Developing an Innovative Tool in Youth Work for Teen Parents

Educating young people about parenting and learning all about how to be an effective mum or dad are the best things to ensure that a child grows up happy, healthy and well-adjusted.

The Tools4Teens Erasmus+ project partners from Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Finland and Malta will co-develop, implement and test innovative effective educational tools to support youth workers in developing their daily activities with the goal to support teen parents in their social integration path.

The approach will take the form of short comic strips through which teen parents will be able to improve, with youth worker's support, their knowledge and skills of positive parenting focusing on a bottom- up and inclusive approach.

The methodology will help youth workers in their role as providers of non-formal learning and the following results are expected:

  • Improved access for teen parents, versatility and social integration through new innovative curricula/educational methods/development of training courses.
  • Improved understanding of youth worker’s priorities at European level by civil society actors/professionals working with teen parents.
  • Increased confidence among teen parents to use their individual strengths, abilities and qualities for their social integration in general.
  • Increased attitudes of responsibility, independence and resourcefulness among teen parents.
  • Empowered teen parents to use positive parenting methods.
  • Improved self-esteem of teen parents and empowered participation cultures in their integration pathway, thus overcoming prejudices and stereotypes.