TAKE IT – Real-World Education to Boost Climate Change Adaptation

TAKE IT is aiming to develop a culture of change and sustainability in the face of the climate change. Project’s goal is to direct the focus on supporting the behavioural change of individuals, which is a focal point of successful adaptation to the changing world. However, TAKE IT is based on a belief that simply increasing knowledge on the topic of climate change will not lead to transition in people’s behaviour.

Therefore, project’s actions are primarily addressed to adult education professionals and institutions, to ensure that current climate change education is able to respond to the needs of these target groups. TAKE IT offers adult education institutions a step-by-step framework comprising guidance to deliver effective climate change education. For adult education professionals, project designs a Continuous Professional Development programme, incorporating a set of modules that can support them in upskilling on climate change adaptation. And TAKE IT MOOC – an innovative Massive Open Online Course, will offer interactive learning resources, structured in the areas of understanding climate change, and adapting to it. And finally, ‘TAKE IT’ will develop a multilingual learning portal, where all resources will be available under an open and free access.