Solution Not Pollution - Building Problem-solving Skills of Youth to Address Environmental and Climate Change Issues – Solution Not Pollution

Solution Not Pollution is an innovative youth project, which prompts a unique call to action. Solution Not Pollution sets its target at inspiring young people and youth workers in Ireland, France, Germany and Czech Republic to take the climate change challenge. The project will develop and pilot 24 Climate Change Challenges in the form of WebQuests, that will encourage young people in all four participating countries to come together to find solutions to the climate crisis that our society is facing. Where young people show an aptitude for finding innovative solutions to our climate change problems, they will be encouraged to build on their ideas and develop sustainable online and social enterprises. To support these core objectives, Solution Not Pollution will also develop a bespoke in-service training programme for front-line youth workers to support them to better understand the current climate change crisis, to develop their own WebQuest resources in response to this crisis and to deliver online and social entrepreneurship training to young people. Solution Not Polllution has been funded by Leargas, the Irish National Agency in 2019, under the Erasmus+ programme.