REMOTE CONTROL - Building Skills and Attributes for Remote Working

Remote working is not just a topic that has emerged because of COVID-19; but the pandemic has brought into focus the potential for more employees to work remotely; and has also given insight into the personal, economic and environmental benefits work pursuing remote working policies.

In order to attract the top talent from this next generation of employees, employers will have to be willing to accommodate remote working or flexible working patterns. Remote working provides many benefits to employers, employees, governments and society in general. However, in order to be adopted en-masse so that it can support our economic and environmental recovery, it needs to be supported by tailored education and training materials that will build key skills and competences in employers and employees so that they can adapt to remote working. The REMOTE CTRL project aims to develop bespoke training resources that will address the needs of employers, employees and VET tutors in a remote working environment.