LearnGen - Intergenerational Mentoring and Learning in the Workplace

LearnGen’s focus is to combat segregation, discrimination, and social exclusion of marginalized workers. This project supports older workers as well as young workers to develop necessary core skills to teach and learn from each other.

LearnGen will assist develop skills in both worker groups to teach and learn from each other, making them less vulnerable to professional challenges, resulting in the implementation of innovative practice at the organizational level, specifically by having older workers mentoring youth on skills such as strategic and critical thinking and problem-solving and young workers using reverse mentoring to train older workers to become digitally and media literate.


  • Support elderly and young workers to develop core skills necessary to teach and learn from each other
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge and enhance access to training and qualifications for all
  • Support SME managers and Trainers to design, implement and monitor effective inclusive policies and practices
  • Build competences of managers and trainers to design learning programs on peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Overcoming skills mismatches


  • 10 old workers (aged 50+) and 10 young workers (18-30 years) in each country;
  • 200 HR Managers, Business and/or line managers, and Trainers from smaller SME companies and firms based in rural areas.