iGuide – Guiding My Own Career

In the knowledge economy even ‘old jobs’ require ‘new skills’ and there is an increasingly large number of people in employment whose jobs are at risk due to advances in technology, changes in work models or demand for new skill sets. For these reasons Future in Perspective are participating in iGuide, an Erasmus+ project dedicated to a completely new approach for the development of career planning as a subject. In conjunction with 6 partners from around Europe they aim to put people’s career into their own capable hands.

One in five adult employees in Europe considers it very likely that their skills will be outdated in the medium term. These concerns are not unfounded. 43% of EU adult employees recently experienced new technologies at work, such as introduction of machines and technology systems, and 7 out of 10 EU workers require at least moderate digital skills to do their job.

iGuide aims to support low-skilled workers and those in vulnerable employment to develop the core skills necessary to plan and manage their own career.

This will be accomplished through creating bespoke career planning resources for job readiness, job seeking and job retention and by offering a comprehensive induction programme for adult educators, guidance workers and employment officers.

Their aim is to prepare workers to manage future trends in the labour market on their own terms.