Advocate4Environment - A4E

The specific objectives of the ESTET project are:

  • Develop a conceptual basis for embedding sustainability skills in tourism VET curricula
  • Provide teaching-learning materials in the field of sustainable tourism adapted for embedding them effectively in VET curricula
  • Design and pilot a comprehensive in-service training programme for VET staff in the cross field of sustainable tourism and innovative teaching practices
  • Facilitate transferability and wide exploitation of the developed resources in various VET contexts
  • Raise awareness of possibilities and added value of embedding sustainability skills in tourism VET curricula among educational professionals in the sector

The project’s primary target groups are senior leaders, teachers, trainers and tutors in IVET & CVET institutions offering tourism qualifications at upper- and post-secondary nontertiary levels, as well as non-formal training programmes and courses in the field of tourism; VET students, trainees and non-formal learners in the field of tourism, incl. employees and aspiring entrepreneurs. The secondary target groups are employers in the tourism sector (private companies, destination management bodies, tourism NGOs); education and training stakeholders (VET public bodies, institutions offering in-service training for teachers and universities).