ENTRADA - Using Challenged Based Learning to support Civic, Social and Economic Migrant Integration

Migrant populations are a growing reality in European society today. The ageing of the European population will ensure that net migration flows into Europe will continue apace for many years to come. Successful integration of these migrant communities into civic, social and economic life is essential if a cohesive and inclusive society in Europe is to be achieved.

The ENTRADA project proposes to address the need for a new approach to migrant integration supports. Central to this new approach is the provision of bespoke training to develop the competences of both migrants and adult education staff working in this area.

To achieve this, the project proposes the design, testing and implementation of training courses dedicated to migrants in order to support their civic, social and economic integration as well as adult educators and migrant support workers to support the development of key transferable digital skills and help them keep up to date with the latest competences requirements of adult education professionals.