Unlocking the Potential of Female Migrants as Entrepreneurs in the Digital Age - CHAMELEON

CHAMELEON aims to draw up a programme an introductory-level curriculum that will support female migrants to build their basic skills and confidence, as a first step towards self-employment. The resources developed will support female migrants to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, increase their knowledge of business structures and supports in their host country, improve their business language skills, examine their motivations for taking on this new challenge and spot local opportunities in the social economy.

Through CHAMELEON, we aim to invest in female migrants, helping them to develop the core skills and competences that will become the building blocks of their economic integration. CHAMELEON aims to support migrant women to establish their own social enterprises to overcome the barriers to their economic integration; taking full advantage of the range of online and digital tools available to support business start-ups in Europe today. The project also aims to support migrant women to engage in meaningful networking opportunities by developing a network of like-minded social entrepreneurs in their local communities and across Europe.