Advocate4Environment - A4E

Advocate4Environment project proposes an innovative and engaging framework to contribute for the EU horizontal priorities in terms of environmental and climate objectives, as it raises awareness of environmental challenges - particularly among the younger sections of society.

In addition to enhancing the spirit of youth initiative at the environmental level, the project also aims to train youth workers to develop their skills in environmental education, preparation and monitoring of advocacy campaigns, as well as the development of leadership skills.

The Advocate4Environment project goals are:

  • Promote participation of young people in environmental protection through advocacy;
  • Make young people aware and create a common understanding in the protection of the environment and its related issues and to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and motivation to work individually and collectively to find solutions to current problems and to prevent those which may arise in the future;
  • Promote social mobilisation to develop alternative responses to global environmental issues.

Target Groups are:

  • Young people who want to become activists, young volunteers;
  • Youth workers, volunteer managers, educators, and NGO staff.